What Now?

img_20161018_124914172Simply follow these seven steps to wellness!

  1. Book an appointment for an initial consultation.  Feel free to contact us by telephone, text, email or complete our contact form and we’ll arrange a convenient date and time to meet with you.  This appointment will last 90 minutes.  If you prefer to see a specific counsellor we will do our very best to accommodate your wishes.
  2. We’ll send you an information pack containing confirmation of your appointment, a leaflet describing our service in more detail, and directions to the relevant counselling venue.
  3. As we take confidentiality very seriously, your counsellor will discuss this with you right at the start of your time together.
  4. Time is then made available to carefully consider in greater depth both your current difficulties as well as the context in which you are living your life.  This enables your counsellor to gain a much better understanding of the issues you are now facing.
  5. It is our wish that you receive the most appropriate help for your needs.  cropped-032.jpgWith this in mind the last part of the appointment involves considering what that ‘best next step’ might be for you.  This may take the form of attending on going Counselling sessions within our service, or it may involve discussing alternative sources of help in which case, if required, it is possible to arrange a follow up appointment where you will be supported to review and come to a decision as to which of these alternatives would best suit your needs.
  6. On-going counselling sessions are 50 minutes in duration and occur on a regular weekly basis.  This is where you and your counsellor work together as a team to really get to grips with your difficulties and determine the most effective route out of your pain.  Our leaflet will explain the nature of these sessions in more detail, nevertheless please feel free to raise any queries you may have when you first meet your counsellor. 
  7. img_20161017_120901141So please contact us. We are here to help. We look forward to hearing from you soon and very much welcome the opportunity to provide you with the compassionate and professional support you need and deserve.